Sherry is the daughter of Roy. After her family believed she was completely exorcised by Reverend Anderson, she ran away to Charleston.


At one point, Sherry was possessed by Demons. Roy contacted Reverend Anderson and the latter exorcised her. Her father recalls her acting very different and strange after the exorcism. After some time, Sherry ran away from home.[1]

Six months later, Reverend and Kyle Barnes come to Charleston to find her. Sherry runs away from them but they catch up with her in a dark basement. She tells Kyle that he is the "key" and the "light" they need but hate. Sherry viciously attacked Kyle and Reverend told Kyle to hit her. Sherry reminds Kyle of what he had done to his wife in the past but he tells her that's not who he is. Sherry was then successfully exorcised but became unconscious.[2]

Soon after, Sherry is transported to a local hospital. She is visited by her father and mother. While they hope she would wake up, Kyle fears she wouldn't just as his mother.[3]


Volume 2Edit


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