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Mark Holt is an alcoholic police officer and the husband of Megan Holt.


Kyle's return to Rome[]

Mark arrived home one day to find Kyle Barnes in his house. He wasn't so pleased and began arguing with his wife. After an incident at Betsy Austin's house, Mark and the police arrived. Mark wasn't so pleased when he found out the charges were dropped, wanting Kyle to be behind bars. He was then told to let it go by another officer as there won't even be anyone to testify against him.[1]

After watching an altercation between Kyle and Donnie, Mark pulled the two apart. After Kyle pointed out the man he was fighting was Donnie, Mark began throwing punches at Donnie and swore he would kill him if he saw him in town again. Mark then offered to get Kyle a drink. After Mark brought up Allison and Kyle's daughter, Kyle thanked Mark for the drink and left.[2]

Forgiveness to Kyle[]

Mark goes to Kyle for help

One night, Mark's daughter came down and was told there was a dog upstairs. Mark told their daughter they don't have one and never will. Mark put his daughter back to sleep before discovering his wife is possessed.[3] Mark told Megan to stop what she was doing, still refusing to believe she's possessed. Mark's head was bashed a few times before Holly came back out. When Megan jumped toward Holly, Mark grabbed Megan by the leg. Mark took Holly to Kyle's house and begged Kyle for help.[4]

Mark comforted his daughter, telling her that Megan would be alright. Soon after, Mark briefly left Kyle's house and encountered Sidney. Later, Mark returned to his home while Sidney watched over Megan. He found Megan bloodied and took her away from Kyle and Reverend Anderson. Suddenly, Megan pushed him out the window and Mark fell two stories down.[5] Shortly after, Mark was brought to the local hospital.[6]


Mark Holt often can't control his emotions as he once beat down Donnie in public while in uniform. Mark is also known to be an alcoholic, drinking define conspicuous amounts of beer even with his daughter around.


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