Detective Luke Masters is a police detective and former detective partner and best friend of Blake.


Early lifeEdit

One day Luke arrived home as he saw a man covered in blood as Theresa laid on the ground dead with her tongue bitten off.[1]

Encounter with Kyle BarnesEdit

One day, Luke Masters showed up on Kyle's door step and informed him he required his assistance.[1] Luke told Kyle he know's all about his mother's case. Luke then informed Kyle about his best friend, Blake, who had murdered his wife years ago. Later, Luke shared a drink with Kyle and Reverend and asked if they could help him out. They agreed as long as they could get him in. At the prison, Luke was greeted by his best friend who claimed he missed him.[2] Luke approached Blake and began to beat him several times while asking what had happened to him. Luke was then asked by Reverend to leave as he was more of a distraction. Luke then moved to the observation room next door. After Kyle and Reverend were performing an exorcism, Luke intervened, believing that they were killing Blake. After leaving the prison, Luke asked Reverend several questions who eventually lashed out and stated he doesn't know any answers.[3]

Sometime later, Luke was called by Reverend to learn the whereabouts of Sherry. Luke checked some files and learned she frequented a local soup kitchen in Charleston.[4]


Volume 1Edit

Volume 2Edit


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