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I Remember When She Loved MeImage ComicsIssue 10: A Weakness Exposed
Issue 11: A Line is CrossedIssue 12: Close to HomeIssue 13: This Little Light
Issue 14: Get Behind Me SatanIssue 15: All Alone NowIssue 16: Overwhelmed
Issue 17: The Damage DoneIssue 18: There Is No EscapeIssue 19: Under Devil's Wing
Issue 1: A Darkness Surrounds HimIssue 20: A Power ExposedIssue 21: Blood is Spilled
Issue 22: The Ticking ClockIssue 23: The Darkest BeforeIssue 24: No Turning Back
Issue 25: Light of DayIssue 26: The Sharpened EdgeIssue 27: A New Way
Issue 2: From The Shadows It WatchesIssue 3: I Remember When She Loved MeIssue 4: To Light Our Way
Issue 5: A Wrath UnseenIssue 6: Receive Your MarkIssue 7: The Road Before Us
Issue 8: A Vast and Unending RuinIssue 9: What Lurks WithinJanet Anderson (TV)
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