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Kyle Barnes is a man who has been haunted by possession all his life. After his mother and wife were possessed, he lived a life of solitude, fearing the ones he cared about would get hurt. After an encounter with a possessed Joshua, he began a mission with Reverend Anderson to fight demons and learn why demons have been targeting people he has cared about all his life.


Early lifeEdit

Kyle Barnes once had a great relationship with his mother, Sarah. They had what Kyle calls the "bright house days" until it suddenly came to a halt. His mother changes drastically due to becoming possessed and he ultimately leaves her in a comatose state when he attacks her to exorcise her of the demon possessing her body.[1]

Donnie strangles Kyle Barnes

After these events, Kyle was taken in as a foster child by Megan Holt's parents and lives at their home growing up. Kyle was frequently bullied by Donnie, another foster child in the Holt home. Kyle ends up defending Megan against Donnie after finding out the Donnie had been molesting Megan. After some time Kyle is adopted by Megan's parents.[1]

Blissful life with AllisonEdit

Years later, Kyle marries Allison. They live a blissful, happy life and have a daughter named Amber. One day, Allison becomes possessed and attacks their daughter. Kyle is able to exorcise Allison but in the aftermath, Allison was all bruised up and Amber was left in the hospital for weeks, nearly losing her life. Kyle takes the blame for beating Amber and Allison files a restraining order. Kyle then returns to Rome, where he grew up, and lives a life of solitude, fearing others he cares about could get hurt.[2]

Working with Reverend AndersonEdit

Demon leaves Joshua Austin's body

A demon leaves Joshua's body after performing an exorcism

Kyle is awoken when his concerned adoptive sister, Megan Holt knocks on his door to check on him. Megan calls him her big brother though Kyle scolds her, refuting the validity of their relationship. Megan makes many attempts to help Kyle but he refuses help and always asks to be left alone. While on a trip to the grocery store, Kyle bumps into Reverend Anderson. Reverend Anderson quickly realized it wasn't a coincidence that they met each other after so many years. He proceeded to tell Kyle about Joshua Austin, a child that has been experiencing the same symptoms Kyle's mother had endured while she was possessed by a demon. Megan later takes Kyle to her new home, though her husband, Mark Holt, isn't too pleased, causing Kyle to leave the house and return to his home. The following day, he receives another knock at his door and finds a bag of groceries and a disposable cell phone courtesy of Megan. Kyle calls his ex-wife Allison Barnes, he never speaks to her though she knows its him calling, he then smashes the phone just after. Kyle decides to take up Reverend Anderson's offer to visit Joshua Austin. Kyle and the Reverend are shocked when Joshua becomes violent and overpowers them as it was something the Reverend had never seen before. Kyle remembers that his mother didn't like the light when she was possessed, Kyle rips the curtains off the window and exposes Joshua to the light. After a brief altercation, Joshua is burned by Kyle's blood and the demon is released. Kyle is soon arrested for the altercation but Reverend Anderson tells him that the chief is a friend of his and that Betsy Austin is very thankful for what he had done for her son and would not press charges.[3]

A few days later, Kyle goes to visit his mother and reflect on their past. He notes how they use to have "Bright house days" then those days suddenly stopped. He apologizes to her and states how much he regretted putting her in the hospital and how feels tortured by the thought of it. A day later, Kyle begins to clean his house, though he has flashbacks of being abused by his mother. Reverend Anderson then drops by to visit and check up on him after what happened with Joshua, Kyle asks the Reverend if he is heading towards town after and while on the way to town, Kyle and Reverend Anderson discuss if the Reverend saw "him" the Reverend Anderson notes the man was at his service that morning. At the grocery store, Kyle notices a familiar face, Donnie. They have a brief conversation before Kyle lashes out at him and the two get into an altercation before Mark steps in and pulls the two apart. Kyle quickly tells Mark the man he was fighting was Donnie and Mark begins to throw punches at Donnie himself. After the fight Kyle is offered a drink by Mark which he gladly accepts. While having drinks, Mark notes how Megan always looked out for Kyle in the past and how he was one of the few who were adopted by the Holts. Mark then brings up how he was surprised when he learned that Kyle had beat up his wife and daughter, despite everything Megan told him about. Kyle then explains he never really did assault Allison or Amber but could never tell the truth of what really happened. Kyle then thanks Mark for the drink and leaves.[1]

As Kyle walks home he is called over by Norville, his neighbor, who invites him for stew. Kyle accepts, much to Norville's shock, as Kyle usually declines. After they eat, Norville brings up memories of his late wife, Elise. Norville makes the comment to Kyle that he may not know what it feels like to lose someone, though Kyle tells Norville he had lost Allison. Norville gets the impression Allison had died but Kyle corrects him and tells him they had to go their separate ways. Kyle thanks Norville for the meal and returns home. In the middle of the night, he receives a knock, assuming it's Megan, he finds it to be Luke Masters, a police detective who has come to ask for help.[2] Luke explains that he has read all about Kyle after hearing what he had done for Joshua. Kyle invites Luke in as Luke begins to explain why he is there and he explains to Kyle what had happened to his former partner, Blake, believing he may also be possessed. Later while doing some deliveries with the Reverend, Kyle reiterates what Luke had told him. At the last delivery, Kyle meets Mildred and catches her while falling, Mildred reacts violently to Kyle's touch and tells the Reverend never to bring Kyle there again. Later the Reverend tells Kyle that Mildred was once possessed. Kyle and the Reverend then have a drink with Luke, who explains more to them about Blake's scenario. He asks them for their help and they agree. Later Kyle stops by Norville's home to thank him for lending him his car and meets Sidney, the Devil in human form posing as Norville's brother. Sidney informs Kyle that Norville has passed away, much to Kyle's shock.

A shocked Kyle after a failed exorcism

Kyle shocked the exorcism had failed

Kyle and Reverend Anderson leave to pay Blake a visit and go to the prison where Blake is housed and begin asking him a few questions, Blake asks Kyle if he knows him. Reverend Anderson then pulls Kyle outside and tells him they should leave as the Reverend believes Blake was simply mentally ill. Kyle insists they go back in and find out more. Kyle places his hand on the head of Blake who claims he feels like he is being torn in two. Blake asks Kyle if he is an Outcast, much like how Joshua had when he was possessed. The Reverend then insists they discuss it more before they continue but Kyle tells the Reverend they may never be allowed back so it's their only chance. While performing the exorcism, Kyle holds Blake down, but much to their surprise, nothing happens, Blake does not react violently to Kyle's touch. Kyle and the Reverend are then told to leave the prison and the two are left wondering what has changed.[4]
Kyle faces the nightmares of his past

Kyle faces the nightmares of his past

Kyle is then greeted by Sidney, who was waiting and watching the sunset. The Reverend asks Kyle who he is and Kyle tells him he met him the other day and that he is Norville's brother. Kyle was then told by Reverend he had seen him in his church and he doesn't trust him. Kyle then asks to see Mildred in the morning and tells the Reverend it was because everyone he has ever touched who has been possessed responds in pain at his touch. The next morning, Kyle and the Reverend drop off more supplies for Mildred, though Mildred isn't pleased to see Kyle. Kyle then gently holds Mildred who once again reacts violently. The two men leave as the Reverend realizes that Mildred is still possessed. Kyle then returns home and finally faces his nightmare and enters the room where he injured his mother.[5]

Correcting Reverend's failuresEdit

Reverend Anderson tells Kyle he can't turn his back on those he failed to help

Kyle becomes suspicious due to the Reverend's failures and as such goes to visit the Austin's. He verifies that Joshua is alright. After discovering that Joshua is safe, Kyle goes to visit the Reverend and tells him he knows he could get information out of Mildred, as he did with others.[6]

Kyle and the Reverend go to visit Brian, though Kyle tells the former they should've called first. After a brief conversation with Brian, Kyle grabs hold of Brian and he responds that he doesn't like being touched. Kyle continues to do so and Brian begins coughing up a black substance. Kyle and the Reverend are then told to leave or he would call the cops. Kyle notes that the black substance was similar to the substance at Mildred's house. The Reverend then tells Kyle to be careful, showing the inverted pentagram that was marked on him weeks before by Sidney. After being told it was the devil himself who marked him, Kyle wonders if the Reverend actually did it to himself while hallucinating. Kyle and the Reverend then go to visit Roy, the father of one of Reverend Anderson possessed parishioners, and ask where his daughter has gone, they are told she is currently in Charleston. Before they head to Charleston, Kyle wonders how many people are truly possessed, aside from those who had contacted them.[7]

Sherry becomes unconscious after being exorcised

Kyle and Reverend check on Sherry after exorcising her.

Kyle and Reverend arrive in Charleston, first stopping at a soup kitchen which Luke told them she frequented. Kyle tells the Reverend he needs a walk and as he steps outside Sherry calls out to him. Kyle walks towards her but she quickly runs off towards a basement building and Kyle and the Reverend follow her. Kyle asks her what made him an Outcast, promising he wouldn't hurt her if she told him. Sherry tells Kyle he holds that light demon's require and quickly attacks Kyle. The Reverend pulls Sherry off of him and Kyle begins touching her while Sherry struggles against being exorcised. Sherry tells Kyle to hit her like he did his wife, Kyle responds that that is not who he is but in the struggle begins to strangle her. The demon leaves Sherry's body just as Sherry becomes unconscious and the two check if she is ok.[8]

Kyle tries to apologize to Allison for his past

Kyle apologizes for his past.

Kyle and the Reverend rush Sherry to the hospital. Kyle is thanked by Brenda though Kyle feels guilty, knowing Sherry will likely never wake up. Kyle and the Reverend leave to return to Rome though the two begin arguing. Though the Reverend tells Kyle the demon leaving her body is an improvement, Kyle tells the Reverend that she will never wake up. Kyle calls the Reverend insane for believing Sherry is better and steps out of the car and begins to wander off. He goes to Allison's house and Allison puts Amber to sleep. Kyle tells Allison he has been trying to fix things but Allison tells him to let her know when he has finally fixed them. The two break down in tears as Allison brings up what happened the night she became possessed and the two share a kiss. Allison then proceeds to tell Kyle she is about to call the police.[9]

Kyle is picked up by Megan and tells Allison she is glad she called her and not the police. As they leave, Amber came out of the house and tells Kyle she misses him a lot. Kyle tells Amber he misses her also, but can't stay. Kyle is then asked if he left because Allison was "scary" but Kyle told her it wasn't the reason. Allison then storms out demanding Amber go back to bed. Kyle asks for a moment longer but Allison refuses and Allison pulls Amber away. Allison then slaps and hit Kyle a few times before Amber begs her mother to stop. Kyle and Megan then leave as Kyle tells Amber he loves her. On the drive back, Megan wonders why Amber said Allison was scary and told Kyle. Megan believing Amber shouldn't live with her mother if that's what she believes. Kyle tells Megan that it wasn't Allison at the time, referring to the possession, and Megan tells him he isn't making sense as usual.[10]

Kyle vows to fix everything

While eating cereal late one night, Kyle is visited by a beaten Mark. Mark informs him Megan is possessed and begs Kyle for help. Kyle tells Mark and Holly to stay at his place for the night and Kyle leaves to ask Reverend Anderson for help. As Kyle and the Reverend are driving to Megan's place, Kyle tells the Reverend the reason he believes the exorcisms have been working differently and it is because some demons have possessed humans longer, thus giving them more strength. At Megan's house, while the Reverend attempts to exorcise her, Kyle splashed water on Megan, which helps and weakens her. Kyle is told by Megan that he should exorcise her, though there are still many demons out there and that the Great Merge is coming. Kyle is also told he is the key to the merge and Kyle demands to know why he is called an Outcast. The demon tries to drain Kyle's power, though Kyle tries to reverse it, causing Megan to pass out and the Reverend pulls Kyle away from Megan. Kyle tells Reverend he refuses to go through exorcising someone he cares about again. The Reverend tells Kyle he must go back to exorcise his sister and find others like her and learn more about the merge.[11] Kyle returns to Megan and asks the demon why it tried to inhale his breath. The demon tells Kyle that it is done talking with him and he is only a tool for them to use. Kyle tells the demon it is going to hurt but the demon jumps Kyle first. Kyle throws Megan against a wall and demands Reverend Anderson to turn the lights on. When Kyle tells the Reverend to grab her legs, the demon slammed to door on Anderson. Kyle next tells the Reverend to fill the bathtub with cold water. Once the tub is filled, Kyle throws Megan into the water. Kyle and Anderson hold her down and Kyle tells Megan to hold on. When the demon realizes it is losing, it tries to crack Megan's skull open but Kyle stops the demon from doing so. When they pull her out with her head covered in blood, Mark arrives and tells them to stop. The demon tricks Mark into believing Megan was fine and asks why he let them do this to her. As Kyle and Reverend Anderson try to tell Mark to stay away, Megan pushes Mark out of the house and Mark plummets to the ground. Kyle tells the Reverend to check on Mark while he deals with Megan. As Kyle holds onto Megan's face, he has Reverend Anderson hold Megan down. The Reverend tells Kyle he can't hold her much longer but Kyle orders him to hold on as long as he can. Eventually, Kyle overpowers the demon an it leaves Megan's body.[12]

Kyle tries to explain to the police chief that Megan didn't do anything but Brian tells him that he has a hard time believing a grown men flying out of a window by accident. Kyle tells Brian that he knows that there are laws but he's scared his sister will be punished for a crime she didn't commit. After everything is over Mark is taken to the hospital and Megan asks where Holly is and yells out about her daughters whereabouts before running to Kyle's house. Kyle, Reverend Anderson and the chief follow her. The three find Sidney in Kyle's house, who explains to the three to be quiet as Holly is a asleep. Kyle asks if Holly is alright and Megan asks why he's worried Sidney would do anything bad.[13]

At the hospital, Kyle watches over Holly outside. Holly asks if Kyle would stay with her until Mark wakes up. Kyle at first is about to agree but after a nurse gives him a strange look, Kyle tells her he can't. Kyle then tells someone at the desk to watch over Holly while her mother was in another room with Mark.[13]


Kyle is a very quiet, isolated man he also shows signs of being anti-social. Not wanting to get involved with the people around him due to a fear of the demons and possession he has experience all his life. Kyle has a tendency of pushing people away so that those he cares about won’t get harmed or worse, as his mother and wife were previously due the possessions and their closeness to him, this led to him not staying in contact with anyone including his adoptive sister Megan and her family. Though Kyle has a rough exterior Kyle is shown to be a caring and goodhearted man but can be very blunt at most times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Exorcism: Kyle has the ability to exorcise demons with just a touch. His blood and tears can hurt the demons.


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