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Kyle Barnes is a young man who’s been plagued by possession since he was a child. He sets out to seek answers, only to uncover something that could end all life on Earth as we know it.[2]


Early lifeEdit

As a child, Kyle would constantly be locked in the pantry by his possessed mother. While locked in, Kyle drew on the pantry walls. Eventually, Kyle had enough and attacked his mother, ultimately exorcising her but at the cost of placing her in a coma.[3]

Marriage and sequestering those around himEdit

When Kyle grew up, he married Allison Barnes and the two had a child. One day when Kyle returned home, he found his wife possessed and beating their child.[3]

After exorcising his wife, Kyle moved back to his hometown. Kyle lived his life on his own, sequestering himself from those he cared about. Kyle lived to the point where he didn't turn the water on.[3]

One day, Kyle had a visit from his adoptive sister, Megan. Megan eventually convinced Kyle to grab groceries and clean himself up. While at the grocery store, Kyle ran into Regina and Florence, the two of which told them of Joshua Austin.[3]

While driving home, Kyle was enraged when Megan drove him to her house, reminding her that her husband hates him. When Mark returned home, he told Mark he was brought against his will. After hearing Mark and Megan argue, along with their daughter reminding him of his past, Kyle stormed out and walked home.[3]

Searching for answersEdit

The following day, Kyle called Allison, though didn't speak and ultimately broke the phone out of rage. Shortly after, Kyle asked his neighbor Norville if he could borrow his car, the latter of which agreed. Kyle drove to Joshua's house. Kyle greeted Reverend Anderson, telling him he had returned to town quietly for the past 5 months. When Anderson brought him to Joshua, Kyle told him he wasn't there for Joshua, though Anderson believed he was. Kyle told Anderson they should stick with that they know, rather than blaming the boogeyman. When Kyle saw Joshua, he initially believed he was acting so he could cut school. When Joshua reminded Kyle of his past, Kyle was left enraged, believing Joshua was playing games. Kyle was then attacked by Joshua, who proceeded to absorb energy from Kyle. Joshua was pulled off by Anderson as the two took a breather outside.[3]

Kyle was told demons are tricksters to instill fear. Kyle was told that there are possessions all around the world. Kyle asked Anderson what made him think he could do anything about it and advised him to run away from it.[3]

That night, Kyle went to visit his mother at the hospital, getting flashbacks of being abused. When Kyle returned Norville's car keys, the latter offered Kyle dinner. The two caught up about their romances. Kyle learned Norville's wife had passed and Kyle told Norville that his relationship went downhill.[3]

The following day, Kyle and Anderson returned to Joshua Austin's home. Kyle recalled his mother being disturbed by the light. Kyle pulled the blinds and Joshua hid in darkness. Kyle and Anderson pulled Joshua to the light but the two were over powered. Joshua began absorbing energy from Kyle again but Kyle knocked Joshua down. When Kyle tried to hold Joshua down, Joshua began levitating. Kyle eventually punched Joshua, causing him to fall. Kyle began beating Joshua senseless, demanding the demon to answer why they wouldn't leave him alone. Joshua eventually began biting Kyle's hand, though it began weakening Joshua. Kyle dripped his blood over Joshua and the demon told him he couldn't stop the great merge. Kyle then watched as the demon leave Joshua.[3]

The police eventually arrived and Kyle was briefly arrested. Due to saving Joshua, Betsy decided not to press charges. Later, Anderson asked him if he got the answers he was looking for and Kyle acknowledged he had some answered. After having flashbacks of finding his wife possessed, Kyle challenged the demons to come for him.[3]

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