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Joshua Austin is a boy who was possessed by a demon. He was exorcised by Kyle Barnes.



Through unknown means, Joshua was possessed by a demon.[1]

While possessed, Joshua smashed his head against a wall, killing a cockroach. Joshua proceeded to eat the dead cockroach straight from the wall. Still hungry, Joshua walked down and began eating chips. Disturbed by the chips, Joshua dropped the bag of chips and began chewing his finger, leaving his mother to watch in horror.[1]

Some time after, Joshua had a visit from Reverend Anderson. Anderson made an attempt to exorcise Joshua but was able to resist. When her mother intervened, Joshua kicked his mother in the face. Anderson then proceeded to hold Joshua down. The following day, Joshua had a visit from Kyle Barnes. Kyle tried talking to him, the former believing Joshua was only acting. The demon in Joshua made him seem fine, only to tease Kyle on his past shortly after. Joshua then tackled Kyle and began absorbing energy from him, though Joshua was pulled off by Anderson.[1]


The next day, Joshua was exposed to light and began feeling disturbed and hid in darkness. Joshua was pulled to the light by Kyle and Anderson, however, the demon overpowered the two. Joshua then want for Kyle and began absorbing energy from him once again. Joshua was then knocked and held down by Kyle. Joshua began levitating but was quickly knocked down. After being punched several times, Joshua began biting Kyle's hand. Kyle's blood however, began weakening Joshua. Joshua told Kyle that the great merge was coming before the demon left Joshua.[1]

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