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Reverend John Anderson is a West Virginia preacher who believes he is a soldier in God's holy war against the forces of evil on Earth. An inveterate drinker and gambler, he doesn't believe God intends us to sweat the small stuff.[1]

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Typically a good-mannered and likable presence, John is a vehement believer in the Church of England and the Christian tradition of Anglicanism which ultimately affects his world outlook and subsequent actions such as pursuing Exorcism. His strong belief and iron-willed determination allows him to carry out his mission of freeing possessed people and professing the word of the Gospel, seeing himself as a soldier of God.

John is mostly outspoken when stating his opinion or beliefs, often incorporating coarse language to get his point across such as when he tells his exorcist partner, Kyle Barnes, to "clean [his] f***ing act up" when Kyle is involved in a brawl with Donnie Hamel and also when he professes to his congregation that more "butts" need to be seated in his church's pews.

John can however be prone to outbursts of ferocious anger when provoked or have his paranoia manipulated such as when he rants to the townspeople of Rome about the dangerous plague of possessions that have been infecting the town when Aaron MacCready graffiti's a Pentagram on a statue commemorating Rome's "Remembrance Day" which is only exacerbated when he declares that Sidney is the Devil and displays the Pentagram scar Sidney cut onto him in "From the Shadows It Watches" much to the townspeople's horror. These outbursts and his subsequent strong faith typically result in John alienating those around him with Kyle being one of the few people who tolerate his actions. These outbursts can also be physical, as seen when he aggressively assaults Sidney when the latter surprises him in his church. John can also at times harbor feelings of jealousy, such as when he admits to Kyle of being jealous of the latter's extraordinary abilities.

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