"Get Behind Me Satan" is the second issue of the third volume of Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta and the fourteenth issue overall.


Get behind me Satan.[1]


Holly asks Sidney who he is. Sidney reminds her that he saved her life months ago. Holly asks he he is her guardian angel but Sidney dismisses her.

At the Holt house, the police arrive and question on what happened while Mark gets transported to the hospital. Kyle tries to explain to the chief that Megan didn't do anything but Giles told him that he has a hard time believing grown men fly out of a window by accident. Reverend Anderson reminded Giles of what he had told him of about demons. Though Giles wants to believe Anderson, he reminds him there are laws. Kyle tells Giles that he knows that there are laws but he's scared his sister will be punished for a crime she didn't commit. Giles then apologizes as there as nothing he can do to help. Anderson then tells Giles that when Mark wakes up, he won't have anything bad to say about his wife. Suddenly, Megan asked where Holly was and yelled out about her daughters whereabouts before running to her house.

Reverend Anderson beats Sidney up

Kyle, Anderson and the chief follow her. The three find Sidney in Kyle's house, who tells the three to be quiet as Holly is a asleep. Sidney introduces himself to Giles but is then attacked by Reverend Anderson. Anderson tosses him to Kyle's backyard and begins beating him up. Back in the house, Kyle asks if Holly is alright and Megan asks why he's worried Sidney did anything bad. After landing numerous punches, Anderson is pulled away by Giles and Sidney tells him he wants to press charges. Giles calls in for an ambulance and arrests his friend and apologizes that he did it.

At the hospital, Megan stayed with Mark while Kyle watched over Holly outside. Holly asked if Kyle could stay with her until Mark wakes up. Kyle at first was about to agree but after a nurse gave a strange look, Kyle told her he can't. Kyle then told someone at the desk to watch over Holly as her mother was in the room with Mark.

While in his cell, Reverend Anderson thanks the lord for giving him the strength to fight Sidney.


Origin of titleEdit

  • The title of the issue is a reference to the album from the American alternative rock band, The White Stripes.
  • or a reference to the new testament, Matthew 16:23, Luke 4:8, where Jesus speaks these words to Peter.


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