"This Little Light" is the first issue for the third volume of Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta and the thirteenth issue overall. It was released November 25, 2015


Kyle is faced with the most emotional exorcism he's performed he begins to learn more about his abilities and what's really happening around him. The pieces are starting to fall into place as secrets are revealed that will change everything..[1]


At Kyle's house, Mark comforted his daughter. When he briefly left Kyle's house, he was greeted by Sidney.

At the Holt residence, Kyle returned to Megan and asked the demon why it tried to inhale his breath. The demon told Kyle that they are done talking with him and he is only a tool to them. When Reverend Anderson began an exorcism, the demon told him it sounded like he was trying to only convince himself. Kyle told the demon it was going to hurt and the demon jumped Kyle. Kyle threw Megan against a wall and told Reverend Anderson to turn the lights on. When Kyle told Anderson to grab her legs, the demon slammed to door on Anderson, leave a crack on his glasses. Kyle told Anderson to fill the bathtub with cold water. Once the tub was filled, Kyle threw Megan into the water. Kyle and Anderson held her down and Kyle told Megan to hold on. When the demon realized it was losing, it tried to crack Megan's skull open but Kyle stopped her from doing so.

Outcast Vol 1 13 001

Mark arrives to find his wife battered and bloody.

When they pulled her out with her head covered in blood, Mark arrived and told them to stop. The demon tricked Mark into believing she was fine and asked why he let them do this to her. As Kyle and Anderson tried to tell Mark to stay away, Megan pushed Mark out of the house and Mark plummeted to the ground. Kyle told Anderson to check on Mark while he dealt with Megan. As Kyle held onto Megan's face, he had Anderson hold Megan down. Anderson told Kyle he couldn't hold her much longer but Kyle ordered him to hold on as long as he has to. Eventually, Kyle overpowered the demon and the latter left Megan's body.

Kyle held Megan in his arms and a confused Megan asked what was going on. Anderson then checked on Mark, who he found landed on the birdbath.

Back at Kyle's home, Holly woke up to the company of Sidney, who told her she's safe with him.


Volume 3
Volume 3 This Little Light
#13 "This Little Light" #16 "Overwhelmed"
#14 "Get Behind Me Satan"#17 "The Damage Done"
#15 "All Alone Now" "There is No Escape"
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