Holly Holt is the daughter of Mark and Megan Holt.


When Kyle was brought to the house by Megan, Holly seemed pleased to see Kyle, unlike her father. She was told to go to her room as Mark argued with Megan. She had a brief conversation with Kyle before he decided to walk home.[1]

A while later, Holly wandered off onto the road where Sidney saved her from being hit.[2]

One night, Holly heard growls and went down and told her dad. She was told they don't have a dog and was put back to bed, unknowing her mother is possessed.[3]

After Megan was subdued, Mark brought her to Kyle's house. Kyle allowed them to stay for the night as he left to exorcise Meagan.[4]

While Holly was asleep, Mark left her to be watched by Sidney as her father left to check on his wife. Holly eventually awoke and asked where her father was.[5] Holly was reminded by Sidney he saved her life months ago. Holly then asked if he was her guardian angel but Sidney dismissed the fact. Holly was put back to sleep. Her mother later came and comforted her.[6]

At the local hospital, Holly asked Kyle if he could watch her until her father awoke but Kyle told her he couldn't.[6]


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