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Donnie is a former childhood bully of Kyle Barnes. It's probable that he's a member of Alcoholics Anonymous or of another organization that uses the Twelve-step program.


Early lifeEdit

Donnie strangles Kyle Barnes

A young Donnie strangles Kyle Barnes.

While in foster care, Donnie frequently beat up Kyle. He eventually stopped and moved out with another family.[1]

At one point, Donnie raped Megan.[2]

Encounter with KyleEdit

Many years later, Donnie crossed paths with Kyle. The two quickly got into an altercation before Officer Holt broke the fight up. After realizing the man was Donnie, Holt beat Donnie senseless and told him to leave town.[1]

Days later, Donnie crossed paths with Megan. Donnie tried to explain he changed, though Megan told him he hasn't and will always be the rapist he is.[2]


A Darkness Surrounds HimEdit

A Vast and Unending RuinEdit


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