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Blake Morrow is Luke Masters' former detective partner and best friend. He is currently possessed by a demon and had murdered his partner's wife, Theresa.


Early lifeEdit

Years ago, Blake was Luke Masters best friend and a good friend of Theresa, Luke's wife. One day Luke went out for groceries and while he was gone, Blake kissed Theresa and bit her tongue off. Theresa died of blood loss and Blake was arrested.[1]


Years later, Blake received a visit from Luke, Kyle, and Reverend Anderson.[2] The Reverend and Kyle asked Blake a few questions and Reverend came to a conclusion that Blake was just mentally ill. Before they left, Luke told them he was not mentally ill as he knew him long enough to know that wasn't him. When they returned, Blake mentioned how he knew Kyle, the same words a possessed Joshua Austin had said. Reverend attempted and exorcism and told Kyle to hold him down. Reverend's methods failed and Kyle began holding Blake causing him to feel agitated. Luke pulled the two away as he saw Blake suffer. Kyle and the Reverend were in disbelief as the exorcism had failed and Blake begged for more.[3]


A Darkness Surrounds HimEdit


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