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Betsy Austin is the mother of Joshua Austin and wife of Roger Austin. She and her family regularly attend Anderson's church in Rome. When Joshua was possessed by a demon she got in contact with Anderson, having heard and believed his past stories of demons.

'A Darkness Surrounds Him'[]

Betsy is first seen arguing with her daughter over the age difference between her daughter and her boyfriend. She then catches her son, Joshua, eating from a bag of chips before bedtime. She gets closer and realises that he has eaten a part of his finger. She then gets in contact with Reverend Anderson. She stays in the room for a while as Anderson attempts to exorcise the demon out of Joshua. She believes that Anderson is hurting Joshua and runs over to him before being kicked in the face by her son.

The next day, Kyle Barnes arrives at the Austin house and is welcomed in by Anderson. Betsy can be seen reading on the couch with a bandage over her now broken nose. She stays away from the exorcism until Kyle manages to successfully release Joshua from the demon's hold. Betsy rushes upstairs to the commotion and finds Joshua back as his normal self, now with a bruised face. She refuses to press charges against Kyle for beating her son and is grateful that Joshua is no longer possessed.

The next day, Betsy and her family can be seen at church.

'A Vast and Unending Ruin'[]

Kyle arrives at the Austin's house to check on Joshua and see if he is truly exorcised, or still possessed. Betsy eagerly welcomes him inside and introduces Kyle to her husband, Roger who was on the road during Joshua's exorcism. She then directs Kyle to Joshua's room to say hi.


Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him[]

Volume 2: A Vast and Unending Ruin[]


  • Betsy is the first character to be introduced in the Comic Series, not counting Kyle Barnes who was seen on the issue's cover and introduced later.