Amber Barnes is the daughter of Kyle and Allison Barnes.


Early lifeEdit

As a child, Amber was attacked by her mother who was possessed. In the aftermath, after Allison was exorcised, it looked as if it was Kyle who attacked Amber and Kyle took the blame.[1]

Encounter with her fatherEdit

After Kyle dropped by to visit, Amber came out and told her father she missed him. She asked her father if she left because her mother was "scary" but Kyle told her it wasn't it. Shortly after, Allison stormed outside her house and told her she should be in bed. Kyle and Allison briefly argue and Amber begged her mother to stop.[2]

Truth revealedEdit

One day, Amber's mother asked what happened the night her father attacked them. Amber finally admitted that she was the one who beat her. Allison broke down but Amber assured her she isn't always bad.[3]


A Darkness Surrounds HimEdit

A Vast and Unending RuinEdit

This Little LightEdit


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