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Allison Barnes is the ex-wife of Kyle Barnes.


Marriage to Kyle BarnesEdit

Years ago, Allison was married to Kyle and they had a daughter, Amber, together. Allison brought the happiness and light into Kyle's life and with their daughter, that light grew brighter.[1]

Divorce and life apartEdit

At one point during their marriage, Allison becomes possessed and she attacks her daughter. In order to prevent Allison from hurting Amber, Kyle fights against Allison causing physical harm to her. Kyle is able exorcise Allison but in the aftermath, Allison is all bruised up and Amber is left in the hospital for weeks, nearly losing her life. Kyle took the blame for beating Amber and Allison files a restraining order and takes custody of Amber. Kyle and Allison go their separate ways to prevent any further issues though Allison still cares for Kyle. [1]

A day after getting a new phone, Kyle calls Allison, though he never speaks when Allison picks up she knows that its him calling.[2]

A few weeks later, Allison catches up with Megan. She confesses she still has feelings for Kyle even after what had happened.[3]

One night, Allison is visited by Kyle. Kyle tries telling Allison he is working to fix things but Allison breaks down and tells him to come back to her when he has. She then tells Kyle how they could've had a perfect life it weren't for that 10 minutes, referring to the possession. The two share a kiss before Allison tells Kyle she is going to call the police.[4]

Allison is furious when she sees Amber out of the house embracing Kyle. She tells Amber to go back to bed and pulls her away from Kyle. Allison slaps and hits Kyle a few times before her daughter begs her to stop.[5]

Discovering her daughter is possessedEdit

Allison goes to visit Mark at the hospital and she overhears Kyle explaining to Megan that she was possessed. Kyle attempts to explain to her that their daughter Amber is possessed but Allison refuses to listen.[6][7]


Volume 1Edit

Volume 2Edit

Volume 3Edit


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